A Kindred Spirit

Nyt sen löysin! Se on kuin onkin jo kirjoitettu. Siis kirja, jonka kirjoittaja ymmärtää tämän:

”A layered garden could be compared with a theatrical production of many acts: a variety of players take center stage at different times. As with stagecraft, the trick is in timing, making sure that each plant gives up the limelight gracefully to the next plant, and no plants hog the stage or step on anothers’s toes as they make their entrances and exits. Rather than a comedy of errors (which no gardener wants) or a tragedy (which the weather sometimes forces on us), my goal is to create a sublime horticultural drama, full of surprises that keep the audience engaged.”David Culp: The Layered Garden

  • David L. Culp with Adam Levine: The Layered Garden. Design Lessons for Year Round Beauty from Brandywine Cottage. Timber Press, 2012. s. 61-63


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